VCBank Liquidity Programmes 1, 2 & 3

The Bank offers three innovative Shari’ah-compliant short-term liquidity programmes with trust certificates and shares backed by prime income-yielding real estate assets in Bahrain and Dubai. The offering of each programme is for a maximum period of one year. The profit rate ranges between six per cent for investments held for twelve months and four per cent for one month, with profits being distributed on a quarterly basis. The first programme was launched in 2010 and is backed by the Venture Capital Bank Building located in the Diplomatic Area of Manama, Bahrain, which comprises a unique combination of office space, retail outlets, and private and public car parking. The second and third programmes, introduced in 2015 and 2016, are backed by the first two and third buildings respectively, of the Jebel Ali Labour Accommodation Complex in Dubai. Venture Capital Bank Building and Jebel Ali Labour Accommodation Complex both witnessed significant tenancy changes during the year, but potential replacement tenants have been identified.