Management Team

A.Aziz A.Qader

Director - Head of Treasury

Member of Executive Management Committee
Joined VCBank in 2020
16 years’ experience

A.Aziz A.Qader is an experienced Treasurer with a primary focus on Islamic liquidity management and Islamic capital markets; the development of Shari’ah-compliant investment products; and financial institutions relationship management. He has particular expertise in fixed income in both primary and secondary markets; Sukuk portfolio management; foreign exchange and money market; and cash flow management. Prior to joining VCBank, A.Aziz spent 15 years with Bahrain-based Liquidity Management Centre in various roles, culminating in Vice President - Treasury and Capital Markets. He previously worked for Ithmaar Bank, Bahrain. His career accomplishments include leading the first Musharaka Trust transaction in the Kingdom of Bahrain, from sourcing to successful completion. A.Aziz holds an MBA from Ahlia University, Bahrain; and a BSc in Banking and Finance from the University of Bahrain.