VCBank’s objective is to generate consistent returns with calculated risk from high-quality, rigorously-investigated, efficiently-structured and well-managed investment opportunities. The investment portfolio is prudently diversified by geography and sector in order to minimise concentration risk and better withstand market volatility. The Bank’s primary asset focus is on income-yielding real estate and selective private equity; with core investment markets comprising the GCC and MENA, Turkey, USA and Europe. 

The Bank adopts a consultancy-based analytical approach to thoroughly examine each prospective venture and early-stage business proposal, with an emphasis on customer values, strategic positioning, competitive dynamics, business model sustainability, and management capability. VCBank adds value to its portfolio companies through active participation and support, and a hands-on management approach in order to maximise the exit potential of its investments. In addition, the Bank identifies successful global business models for duplication in the MENA region in order to enhance and diversify regional economies; create employment opportunities; replace imports with local goods and services; and generate increased exports. 


VCBank’s real estate strategic focus is on income-yielding real estate opportunities in North America and Europe. The Bank concentrates on the multifamily, senior living and student housing sectors; together with commercial, industrial and logistic assets leased to creditworthy and reputable business tenants. VCBank has developed successful relationships with real estate asset managers and brokers in the USA and Europe who actively share their deal pipeline. This has enabled the Bank to develop a distinctive capability in the US multifamily real estate sector, in which it has completed four acquisitions and one exit since 2015.


VCBank targets selective private equity opportunities in Europe and North America. The primary focus is on the education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food and beverage manufacturing sectors. The Bank partners and co-invests with European and North American mid-size private equity houses that have a solid track record and seek access to MENA capital. VCBank has particular know-how and experience in key sectors such as technology, healthcare, agriculture, fertilizers, and food and beverages manufacturing.